Diverse Logistics Corporate Team



“Our mission is to create a values driven environment for our team and customers.  One that will be grounded by integrity and honored by accountability.  A company that provides excellence in service consistently, through a trust but verification mindset.  A trend setting organization that is continuously improving through our team’s welcomed ingenuity and celebrated by successful execution of our client’s high standards.  All of this culminating in the best home delivery experience offered in our industry today for our clients and our mutual customers.”     



We pride ourselves on creating a stable and healthy environment for our team.  We are totally committed to giving the opportunities and coaching necessary to help all of our associates become productive and that will execute our mission statement.  We want teammates that are successfully executing our mission statement and by doing so will enjoy their jobs as well as the fun, challenging, rewarding, accountable, honest, detailed (trust but verify), continuously improving, innovative environment that lives and breathes Diverse.  We partner with people that execute and help shape the company both today and throughout our future growth.


John Ruskai

Chief Executive Officer

A veteran in the final mile industry, John entered the logistics world in 1994 with Sears. In 1998, he started his first company as a general contractor with GE Appliances. John has guided Diverse Logistics through many hurdles and triumphs. Embracing the challenges built a stronger company every day along the way. Over his tenure, John has accumulated extensive experience, not only with delivering items to consumers’ homes with care and consistent punctuality, but also how to focus on risk mitigation and retain a healthy bottom line for the company. In John’s spare time, he likes to study new things and visit new places.

Bernie Poster

Bernard (Bernie) Skerkowski

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Skerkowski has over 36 years of accounting experience in both the private and public settings ranging from the Banking industry to Government Auditing and from Public Practice to Small Business Administration. He has been a Certified General Accountant since 1983 and has operated his own private practice for the past 27 years. He has practiced in both the US and Canada and is a Certified Tax Advisor with the IRS. Mr. Skerkowski has been with Diverse Logistics & Distribution for over 22 years and is one of the companies longest standing consultants.



Jeremy Leneberg

Chief Technology Officer

& VP of Operations


Jeremy came to Diverse in 2016, rounding out an extensive career in the final mile industry. He started in the home delivery business as a delivery service provider, then worked his way up to managing docks and companies before joining the Diverse team as VP of Operations. His knowledge and technical skills have transformed our overall working environment, taking our service paperless with his custom solutions for internal and external stakeholders. This ingenuity earned him the additional designation as Chief Technology Officer. In 2021, Jeremy also earned a seat on our Board of Directors where he currently serves as Vice President. He enjoys hunting and barbecue when not engaged in his daily functions for the business.



Victor Mraz

Chief Operations Officer

Victor joined Diverse Logistics and Distribution, Inc. in 2019 to focus on client relationships, marketing, compliance, risk management, and overall efficiency. He comes with over a decade of experience in the supply chain and logistics field prior to operating a consulting practice which well-served the Southwest Florida business community. He has served on several non-profit boards as a member, treasurer, and chairman. He holds a master’s degree in Administration from Barry University specializing in diversity, ethics, efficiency, and executive leadership. Victor enjoys spending free time with his wife and two sons enjoying the Tampa Bay area.


Karen Hooper

Business Manager

Karen joined Diverse in 2011 as an Executive Assistant. Her background in office and property management, and serving as a liaison for international travel partners, provided a strong skillset to help grow Diverse Logistics. Karen’s assistance in the development and execution of policies and programs, plus the expansion of Diverse’s corporate team, earned her the role of Business Manager. In 2021, Karen was also appointed to the Board of Directors where she continues her mission to help Diverse Logistics grow and thrive. In her spare time, Karen enjoys reading, traveling, and spoiling her beloved bulldog.


Robert (Bobby) Sampson

Forever on our team. 
Your spirit is with us every single day.